Do we actually want to live in the same sort of society? If so, which sort?

I wonder if Singaporeans even want to live in the same (sort of) country.

How should we live together? What’s our preferred model for society:

  1. Facebook (where everyone hangs out with their own extended tribe; creating their own parallel but hardly intersecting lives)?

  2. Department Store (everyone shares the same space, free to select from a large but finite range of options selected and provided by management)?

  3. School (standard syllabus for all; some attention given to helping the disadvantaged to cope; bullying is discouraged but inevitable; rules are designed primarily to ensure safety and security)?

  4. Hawker Centre (everyone offers what they have; everyone chooses what they want or need; management ensures basic hygiene, water and power)?

  5. Hotel (every resident enjoys their own private space, as well as some shared facilities, but has little say about the decor or fellow residents, apart from specific matters of personal comfort)?

  6. Family Home (every member is bound to each other by blood, duty, obligation and/or love; there are always going to be black sheep and feuds; everyone has to do chores; no one is left behind, however grudgingly. Most senior members make the final call on domestic issues)

  7. Something else entirely?